Spare Parts - Filling Machinery

Whether you have an overflow filler, gravity filler, pump filler or specialty filling machinery, now is the time to stock up on replacement parts and spare parts for your filling machine! Starting Monday, February 16th through the end of the month, Liquid Packaging Solutions is offering 10% off of our regular price on all filler parts!

Overflow Fillers

Some of the most common wear parts on overflow fillers include the rubber bottle seals on the overflow nozzles and the O-rings found in nozzle tips! LPS suggests keeping these already low priced items on your shelf to avoid downtime in a production crunch! Now you can get an additional 10% off of these filler nozzle items as well! Likewise, if you have considered upgrading your overflow filler to add additional fill heads, you can take ten percent off of our regular price to increase the production of your overflow filling machine!

Gravity Fillers

Actuators and ball valves are now on sale for your gravity filling machine! In addition, simple items like air tubing, solenoid valves and sensors all qualify for the 10% discount for the remainder of the month! Cylinders for diving fill heads or indexing pins and starwheels will also be marked down 10% from their regular price.

Pump Fillers

Certain fillers, like peristaltic pump fillers, may require specific tubing for the filling machine to function properly. All tubing can be purchased at 10% off of our regular price through the month of February! In addition, pumps and motors will be included in this filling machine parts sale!

So use the month of February to prepare yourself to fill for the rest of 2009 during the LPS filling machine parts sale! And keep your eye out for other specials each month on parts and machines alike! To see the currently ongoing packaging machine specials from Liquid Packaging Solutions, simply click on the link below:

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