Spindle Capper Double Gripper Belt Offer

Spindle Capper Double Gripper Belt Offer

Keeping the cap straight and steady as it is introduced to a spindle capping machine is always important on a packaging line.  But bottle stability can also be a big issue when it comes to consistently and reliably tightening screw on caps, especially when the bottle is extremely tall, extra wide or otherwise oddly shaped. In these situations, the standard single set of gripper belts will often be upgraded to include a second set of stabilizing belts to ensure the capping process runs smoothly.   

Spindle cappers use multiple sets of spinning disks to apply torque to a cap and bottle combination, screwing the caps on tightly as they pass through the last set of disks and out of the capping machine.  Of course, screw caps are used on a vast array of products and bottles.  Screw caps may be simple flat caps like those found on most water bottles, or sports caps found on other beverages and energy drinks.  Screw caps can also be used on F-style bottles like laundry detergent or may appear as flip top caps found on shampoos or trigger sprayers on window cleaners and similar products.  The bottles and other containers can range from a few ounces to a gallon or more.  In other words, spindle cappers are used for many different projects, each requiring slight adjustments for bottle stability.

The standard spindle capper will include one set of gripper belts to guide and stabilize the bottle as it moves through the capping machine.  The gripper belt assembly normally consists of two neoprene belts three quarters of an inch in width, though other materials and sizes can be used for special projects.  These belts will come in contact with the bottles as they move through the capping machine to keep the bottles from shaking or tipping over during the capping process.  The positioning of the belts will depend on the shape and size of the bottle.  While a single set of belts can handle a range of container heights and widths, on occasion the size or shape of the bottle will simply require an additional set of belts to keep the capping consistent and reliable.  

From now until the end of July, LPS is offering a free upgrade to double gripper belts for anyone that purchases a new spindle capper.  This upgrade is ideal for anyone doing unique bottles or even running multiple bottles with a range of shapes and sizes.  The offer is good ONLY until the end of July, so call the LPS office and ask for your regional rep for more information on the automatic spindle capper and this free upgrade.  

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