Spindle Cappers and Spindle Wheels

Spindle Cappers and Spindle Wheels

If you are familiar with our website, then you are probably already aware that the spindle capper is one of our more popular pieces of packaging machinery.  The spindle capper is used most often on automatic packaging systems because it offers the ability to continuously tighten a wide range of screw cap types and sizes.  The capping machine will normally use a cap elevator or vibratory bowl to automatically deliver caps to the capping machine, leaving the operator to simply reload bulk caps from time to time.  The spindle capper itself will use gripper belts to stabilize the bottles and spindle wheels to tighten down the caps.  

These spindle wheels come in a variety of colors, including yellow, red, gray and clear.  The wheels are color coded for a reason, and no, not just to make the capping machine appear more appealing.  Each spindle wheel color represents a certain durometer, or hardness, of the wheel.  Red disks, for example, are a 45 durometer disk.  These disks are softer than the spindle disks of other colors, offering more give and possibly more resistance to scratching or marring of fragile, soft caps.  On the other end of the spectrum are gray spindle wheels, with a durometer of 70, they are harder than the other spindle disks mentioned.  These disks will work well with rigid bottles and caps, but would be more likely to scratch, mar or even crush more flexible or soft bottles and caps. Of course, each capping machine will be manufactured specifically for the bottle and cap being used on the packaging line.  Custom spindle wheels can be ordered for unique bottles and caps that lie outside the normal range of hardness for most projects.  

Once the capping machine is manufactured, Liquid Packaging Solutions will use sample product, bottles and caps to ensure the spindle capper works consistently and efficiently before sending it to the production floor.  On very rare occasions, different spindle wheels may be necessary for different products when a facility packages a number of goods.  Future changes to a product package may also require changes to the spindle wheels.  Finally, the spindle wheels, coming in contact with each cap as it passes through the capping machine will eventually need to be replaced with new wheels.  These wear parts, however, are easily removed and replaced.     

Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. will be offering all of the standard spindle wheels at a reduced price from now until the end of July.  So if you have a spindle capper in your automatic packaging system, now is the time to stock up on replacement parts!  The standard spindle wheels include:

  • Red - 45 durometer
  • Yellow - 55 durometer
  • Clear  - 60 durometer
  • Gray  - 70 durometer

To order replacement spindle wheels while on sale, contact Lori toll free at 1-888-393-3693 and mention this blog before July 31, 2012!  If you would like to learn more about the spindle capper or any of the packaging equipment manufactured by LPS, contact a Packaging Specialist anytime at the same toll free number.