Spindle Capping Machine - Belt and Spindle Adjustments

Spindle Capping Machine - Belt and Spindle Adjustments

An automatic spindle capper is manufactured to allow for continuous capping on an automated packaging line.  Two main components of the spindle capper are the gripper discs (or spindle wheels) and the gripper belts.  The discs will tighten the cap as it moves through the capping machine and the gripper belts will stabilize the bottle during this process to ensure consistent and efficient capping.  Given that many companies using the spindle capper will package more than one bottle type or size, these two components will require some adjustment when changing from one bottle to another.  However, the spindle capping machine from Liquid Packaging Solutions makes such adjustments to the bottle capper quick and simple.

The gripper discs will be set up in matched pairs on the capping machine.  Normally, three or four sets of gripper discs will be present on the machine.  Each set of gripper discs must be set to contact the cap to apply equal pressure on the cap as it passes, spinning the cap onto the bottle.  Gripper discs can be adjusted for both width and height, with both capping machine adjustments easily made at the face of the spindle capper.  Gripper discs are individually controlled on a spindle capping machine, with a single knob and locking lever for each disc found on the capper face.  The locking lever keeps the individual gripper disc in place, avoiding inadvertant changes in the position of the tightening wheel.  To adjust the width of a gripper disc, the operator of the capping machine simply releases the locking lever and rotates the knob left or right to move the disc in or out.  Once correctly positioned, the operator of the capping machine then relocks the lever to hold the disc in place.  The same procedure should be followed for each gripper disc on the capping equipment.

The spindle capping machine also includes a power height adjustment that moves the capper housing up and down, effectively controlling the height of the gripper discs.  If a height adjustment is necessary, the operator of the capping equipment can simply turn the Power Height switch on the capper control panel left or right to raise or lower the spindles.

Spindle cappers also use either one or two sets of gripper belts to stabilize the bottle as it moves through the capping machine.  Different bottles will require different gripper belt contact points to effectively stabilize the bottle.  Gripper belt adjustments are also made with simply controls found on the capper face.  The capping machine belts can be adjusted both up and down as well as in and out using two hand cranks labeled either "Gripper Belt Up-Down" or "Gripper Belt In-Out".  Obviously, wider bottles will require an in/out adjustment, just as taller bottles will normally require an up/down adjustment.  The operator of the capping machine need only turn the two hand cranks to make these simple adjustments.

The spindle capping machine from Liquid Packaging Solutions is manufactured to keep a packaging system up and running efficiently and consistently.  The simple changeover adjustments help to achieve this goal.  If you would like to learn more about packaging lines, including conveyor systems, container cleaning equipment, liquid fillers or capping machines, contact a Packaging Specialist at Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc., toll free today at 1-888-393-3693.