Stay Connected with Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.

Stay Connected With Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.

Chances are if you've found our website, you've also noticed that Liquid Packaging Solutions exists on several other sites in the virtual world.  While our website will introduce potential customers and packagers to our products and abilities, our social media sites allow those same people to learn a little bit more about the company.


Facebook and Google+ will often give customers some idea of what is happening right now at LPS.  We love to post ongoing projects and give people a look at the testing of machinery on our production floor.  One day may bring pictures of filling machines and capping machines, while the next shows a video of a cap spinner for distilled spirits.  In addition, visitors to these two sites may see posts from some of the people that work with LPS, or some of the packagers for which LPS has manufactured equipment.  From time to time, we will also remind visitors of specials happening at the company or offer discounts not found on our website!


Twitter lets us share quick bites of information with our followers, from customers to OEM's to those that are just interested in the technology and industry.  From time to time we may also share video or photos on twitter, showing current projects in various stages of completion.  However, Twitter is also useful to get specific information to certain industries or companies through the use of the beloved hashtag.


YouTube allows Liquid Packaging Solutions to share as many of our projects as possible with the packaging industry.  From informational videos, to instructive clips to simply showing off, YouTube gives LPS the ability to let people watch us work.  The LPS YouTube site allows visitors to see a wide range of our products, old and new, running on the production floor.  Once you learn about a filling machine or capping machine on our website, visit YouTube to watch it in action.


The LinkedIn website for LPS allows visitors to learn a little bit more about the company itself, while also showing off some projects and offering deals that may not be found on other platforms.  LinkedIn also gives visitors the chance to learn a little more about the employees of LPS who choose to connect with the company on this site.  To learn more about the business itself, visit LinkedIn and browse the LPS site.

Of course, anyone that wants to learn more about Liquid Packaging Solutions is welcome to simply pick up the phone and give our offices a call toll free at 1-888-393-3693.  LPS also welcomes visitors to our plant.  If you are going to be in the Chicago area, call and schedule a plant tour to learn a little more about who we are and what we do.