Summertime Sales from Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.

Summertime Sales From Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.

While it sometimes seems that we are still waiting for summer to arrive here in the Midwest, we cannot deny that it is here after celebrating the 4th of July this past weekend!  Some of us even celebrated with a few of the items we help to package, including ice cream, bottled water and even a few spirits for the grown ups at the festivities.  So now it's time to give back to the packagers with our summer sale at LPS.  This year we are offering discounts on automated packaging systems starting right now through August 29th, 2014!  Just mention this blog when you speak with your regional salesperson and receive the special summer discount!

Of course, automated packaging systems come in all shapes and sizes and may include several different machines.  Power conveyors are manufactured with several different designs, including C-frame and sanitary styles.  The conveyor systems will tie together the other machinery found on an automatic packaging system and while usually manufactured using stainless steel, they can also be built using HDPE material for corrosive products like acid, bleach and other harsh chemicals.

Container cleaning equipment includes automatic bottle rinsers and washers.  These machines are important in industries where products are ingested, injected or otherwise consumed.  Pharmaceutical packaging systems and food and beverage systems will often employ a rinsing machine to remove dust and debris from bottles and other containers before introducing product, helping to protect against contamination.  These machines can use air, water or other liquids to complete the cleaning cycle. 

The filling machines used on an automated packaging system can use one of several principles to move product from a holding tank into waiting bottles or other containers.  Whether filling to a level or for volumetric accuracy, a solution exists for products both thick and thin.  Less common concerns like foaming and particulates in products can be handled with a specific fill type or with modifications and upgrades to components such as the filling nozzles.

Automatic capping machines manufactured at Liquid Packaging Solutions can also handle a variety of closures, from screw on type caps to T-corks and even fitments plus closures.  Obviously the type of cap used on any given project will determine the capping equipment to be used, but the bottom line is that automatic cappers will require very little human interaction, increasing both speed and consistency in the capping process.  Many automatic cappers work with cap delivery systems that will only require the operator of the packaging line to replenish bulk caps from time to time.

Other equipment can be added to an automated packaging system to create a complete, turnkey solution.  Those familiar with LPS are well aware of our integration services, allowing our customers to add labelers, induction sealers and other OEM equipment to our manufactured equipment to provide everything a packager needs in one convenient location.  So if you are ready to make the jump to a fully automated packaging system, or simply in need of an upgrade from current equipment, now is the time to act!  Call our offices, toll free, at 1-888-393-3693 to speak with a Packaging Specialist and mention this blog to receive the summertime discount!