Tabletop Packaging Systems

Whether breaking into a beverage industry, serving a small population or trying a new product, a tabletop packaging system can offer an efficient and productive solution for small production bottling companies. Tabletop packaging systems save time by speeding up the bottling process as well as space due to the packaging systems small footprint! Liquid Packaging Solutions offers a wide variety of tabletop packaging systems to serve almost any industry!


Like LPS automatic liquid filling machines, our tabletop fillers can handle a diverse selection of products. Tabletop overflow fillers offer a cosmetic fill on every bottle and can handle thin to medium viscosity products. Tabletop gravity fillers offer a time based fill and are ideal for thin, non-viscous products such as water, solvents and cleaners. Finally, tabletop pump fillers can be used for lower production runs of thick, viscous products. To see our tabletop models, simply click on the link below and choose the type of filler that fits your needs!

Or if you need assistance in determining the best filling machine for your product, call Liquid Packaging Solutions toll free at 1-888-393-3693.

The tabletop fillers are the cornerstone of the tabletop packaging systems. However, from here, numerous pieces of packaging machinery can be added to customize your tabletop packaging system to a specific product or products. Below are several options to complement the tabletop filler.

Chuck Capper

The handheld chuck capper is ideal for smaller production. This capping machine allows the user to place a chuck over the bottle cap and simply squeeze a handle to torque down the cap. The handheld chuck capper is available in pneumatic and electric models. This capping machine can also be placed on a uniframe or portable frame with a take-up reel for easy access and use! Semi-automatic chuck cappers are available as well. For more information on the handheld pneumatic chuck capper, simply click on the link below:


Semi-automatic tabletop labelers can be added to a tabletop packaging system with a filling machine and capping machine to create a complete fill-cap-label packaging system! The tabletop labeler is simple to use as an operator simply places a bottle into the labeling machine, presses a footswitch and the label is applied! To see an example of a tabletop labeling machine for round products, simply click on the link below:

Other Packaging Products

While the fill cap label system is the most popular tabletop packaging system, many other options are available for custom packaging projects. Induction Sealers can be added to provide tamper evidence, prevent leaks, and preserves freshness. Manual wet rinsers are an option for packaging systems that require an added level of cleanliness. Hot stamp coders are available to place an expiration date, batch number or serial number to your product!

The combinations and possibilities are almost endless. If you are a start up packaging company, or a large company running several different products and packages, a tabletop packaging system offers an affordable, productive solution to packaging any product. LPS invites you to call us and discuss your packaging needs anytime, toll free, at: