Thanksgiving Parts Sale from Liquid Packaging Solutions

As we approach another Thanksgiving we once again have many different things to be thankful for here at Liquid Packaging Solutions, far from the least of which is each and every one of our family of customers that have partnered with us over the past decade plus to help deliver a wide variety of different products to the market. From bottled water, distilled spirits and other beverages to chemical products, cleaning products, pharmaceuticals, sauces, pastes, shampoos, body washes and too many other items to list individually, it feels like LPS equipment has rinsed, filled, capped or otherwise packaged every type of product available on the market. It is this variety that keeps our business both challenging and exciting, and of course, we could not do any of it without those packagers who put their faith and trust in us to assist them with their own business. For that reason, we would like to offer our customers a discount on spare parts this holiday season. For the rest of November and the first week of December, just call and mention this post to receive a special thank you from LPS on all parts orders placed within this time frame! The LPS Parts Department can be reached by calling toll-free at 1-888-393-3693 and asking for Extention 310.

This discount will apply to almost our entire inventory of parts, including popular wear parts such as conveyor belting, overflow nozzle seals, ball valves, actuators and more. Almost every machine manufactured by LPS will include some type of wear part that will require replacement at one time or another during the life of the equipment. Wear parts are typically contact parts, or those parts of the machine that touch product, bottles, caps or other components of the package during the process. For example, gripper belts on a spindle capping machine touch the bottle to keep it steady during the capping process. Over time, these belts will wear from the constant contact and require replacement to ensure the bottle stability and consistent capping is achieved. If you are unsure of which parts on your equipment constitute wear parts, or which parts would be beneficial to keep on site with the packaging equipment, contact an LPS representative for suggestions and explanations!

Of course, November and December can also bring end of the year projects for some packagers. Whether a current customer or a new-to-LPS packager, feel free to contact our Packaging Specialists at any time during the week to discuss ongoing or pipeline projects. In addition to providing spare parts for equipment, LPS also manufactures equipment ranging from turntables and conveyor systems to filling machines, capping machines, nitrogen purge systems and many other custom packaging machines. LPS strives to be not just a machine manufacturer, but a business partner that can provide all of the equipment and services necessary to prepare product for end-users and consumers.

Our wish this week is that the Holiday Season starts in a safe and happy manner for everyone, as we look forward to wrapping up 2016 and preparing for the New Year.