The Future of Packaging Machinery for CBD Products

With new legislation rumored to be coming soon, new opportunities and market share may be opening up for cbd oils and cannabis infused products across the United States. Though the details remain unclear, legalization or decriminalization of marijuana at the federal level would undoubtedly give a boost to the industry. For LPS, we expect to see an influx of products hit the market if such legislation does pass, which means more and possibly new packaging machinery for these products.

Packaging of CBD oils is already a fairly common practice. Many CBD oils are packaged in smaller containers with droppers. These common bottles can be packaged in a few different ways including both automatic and semi-automatic machinery. For those with a larger scale output, automatic machinery can be set up to rinse, fill, cap and otherwise prepare CBD oils on an inline packaging system. However, a second alternative, that often works better with smaller bottles is a monoblock packaging system. The monoblock uses starwheel indexing to move the bottles through the various packaging stations on the machine. The first stop may fill bottles with the oil, before indexing around the wheel for stops at an inserting and capping station. Starwheel indexing also offers support for the smaller bottles as they move through the process.

Semi-automatic equipment can be used for smaller producers of CBD oils. These machines can do everything that the automatic machines can do to fill, cap, label and otherwise prepare product, but will do so with much more assistance from the operators of the equipment. For instance, an operator will place bottles under fill heads and start the fill cycle with a switch. Or an operator may place the dropper in the bottle before completing the tightening of the closure. Of course, not all CBD oils will come in the same or similar packages, and equipment may vary for different components.

Packaging machinery for cannabis infused products can be a bit more difficult to pin down. Cannabis infused products may include foods, beverages, creams, body oils and more! As the industry becomes more popular due to legislation, even more cannabis infused items are likely to be found. Choosing packaging machinery for these products will depend in large part on the product itself as well as the bottles or other containers that hold the product. With a variety of automatic and semi-automatic equipment available, the best solution will come from an analysis of all components of the packaging project as well as the space, needs and desires of the packager. For truly unique projects, LPS can work with a packager to engineer and manufacture custom solutions to fit most any need.

Just like the packagers of CBD oils and cannabis products, LPS is excited to see what lays ahead in 2021 for what is likely to be a growing industry. For questions about LPS machinery simply fill out a contact form on the website or call LPS toll-free at 1-888-393-3693 today.