The Importance of Packaging Machinery

The Importance of Packaging Machinery

Most packagers, when considering the advantages of packaging machinery, would point out the increased efficiency and production rates.  If discussing automatic packaging machinery, some would also refer to the decrease in labor costs.  These are undoubtedly advantages of employing packaging machinery, but there are also important core goals that are achieved or retained when using packaging machinery that would otherwise make the increased efficiency and production meaningless.

1.  Protecting 

Packaging Machinery can protect the product in many different ways.  It can keep not only the product safe, but the packaging process as well.  For instance, container cleaning equipment - rinsing machines and bottle washers - can be used to clean bottles before the filling process.  These container cleaning machines remove dust and debris from bottles using air or water to ensure that product will not be contaminated during the fill.  These machines are especially useful when dealing with foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other products that will be ingested.
In the same way, liquid fillers can provide a sanitary product pathway when necessary or desired, ensuring that the product itself does not become contaminated on the way to the bottle.  Capping machines and other sealing equipment helps to ensure that the product and package remain protected until they reach the consumer.  The fact that these protections are offered consistently and reliably means the packaging machinery increases efficiency and production without any sacrifice to safeguarding the product.

2.  Preserving 

Simply put, a well sealed and protected product is a preserved product.  However, packaging machinery offers additional security in several different forms.  Of course, different types of capping machines provide different types of seals for container and cap combinations.  A secure seal itself will protect product from the outside atmosphere and the oxygen that will break down many products.  For some food products and other goods, even the oxygen found in a package can eventually ruin a product.  Nitrogen purge systems can be used to replace oxygen in a container, or even in the headspace of a container, to extend the shelf life of a product while preserving the color, taste and texture of the product.  
It is no surprise that the demand for packaging machinery is growing the fastest in current developing countries.  The ability to package and preserve food products and other necessities goes a long way toward self-reliance in the national sense.  The packaging industry and packaging machines in general, with their power to preserve, are a contributing factor to the development of these countries.

3.  Presenting 

Simply choosing a package for your product will help to present that product to the end users, or customers.  However, packaging machinery can also help to introduce your product to the consumer as well.  Labeling machines allow packagers to show their product off, using company logos, mottos and other information to stand apart from other, similar products.  Coding equipment can also be used to add expiration dates, batch numbers and other information to the label or container itself.  The bottle and label truly are how customers typically get to know the product, so choose wisely in this arena.
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