The Many Different Looks of Automatic Packaging Systems

If you were to ask different packagers what makes up an automatic packaging system, you might be surprised at the variety of answers you would receive. The simple reason for that is that each and every packager will have their own container, closure, liquid, label and other components that make up their product. These different components will require different machinery to make up the automatic packaging system.

First and foremost, different packagers will have different needs. These different needs lead to different equipment for each automatic packaging system. Some may use inverting rinsing machines, others may use vacuums. Filling machines may fill to a level, fill by volume or even by weight. Bottle capping machines, from spindle and chuck cappers to snap capping equipment and corking machinery, will be designed and built based on the type of closure being used. Even labeling equipment will depend on where the label is applied and the type of label used. This is one reason different packagers may name different machinery if asked what makes up a packaging system. But in some cases, machinery may even be absent, or different options will be used for certain tasks.

For instance, not every packaging line will use container cleaning equipment. Rinsers and washers are used to remove dust and debris from containers before product is introduced. So for some products, such as food items, the packager will likely use a bottle rinser on the line to avoid contamination. But other products, especially those not made for human consumption, may not need to clean containers if their process and storage do not leave heavy debris. In addition, the process of loading bottles on to the automatic system, as well as preparing them for shipping, can take many different forms. A bottle unscrambler may be used at the beginning of the line, allowing the operator to simply dump bulk containers in to the machine, or a loading turntable can be used present containers to the main conveyor. On the back end, automatic machines may be used to carton, box or otherwise prepare items for shipping, or accumulation conveyor or turntables may be employed to allow for a more manual shipping prep.

So each automatic packaging system will be designed to meet the needs of the individual packager, meaning that an automatic packaging system means something different to each of those packagers as well. Whether different types of the same machines or different combinations of equipment, part of our job at Liquid Packaging Solutions is to ensure that each packager finds the ideal system for their own project. To discuss your unique needs with a packaging professional, simply contact our offices today.