Time Saving Recipe Screens

For any packaging machine, initial setup will likely take longer than any changeover or setup procedure in the future. At delivery, not only must the machines be leveled, but many different components of each machine must be fine tuned to perform efficiently. Indexing times on rinsing and filling machines must be set to ensure teh correct number of bottles get to the correct position at the right time. Different delays must be set to ensure that rinses and fills are activated at the right time. The duration times for both rinses and fills will have to be fine tuned to ensure consistent and accurate cleaning and filling. Setting up the machine, and even changing from one container or product to another, can seem like a daunting task to the uninitiated. For this reason, automatic rinsing and filling machines will have a Recipe Screen built in to the operator interface to make setup not only quick, but incredibly easy as well.

When manufacturing equipment for any product or packager, LPS will almost always request sample product, bottles, caps or any other package component that will be used in the process. The reason for this request is simple. Running the actual product and components on the machinery prior to shipping helps to ensure the machine will perform as expected and safeguards against any unexpected surprises or issues once production starts at the packager's facility.

But in addition, when LPS has the product and package components of the packagers items, LPS can perform the initial setup before the machine ever reaches the production floor, completely removing the need for the packager to perform this tedious task. The Recipe Screen is used to set all the delay and and duration times mentioned above. Meaning once the machine is fine tuned for a bottle, product or combination of both, all of the settings can be saved and recalled at any time in the future, leaving only physical changes such as positioning nozzles and adjusting conveyor guiderails as changeover tasks.

Instead, allowing LPS to pre-program the Recipe Screen, operators need only visit the touchscreen interface on the packaging machine control panel and pull up the correct recipe for the current project. With literally a few fingertip touches to the interface, all delay and duration times will be set and the machine will be ready to run production, saving hours of setup and changeover over time.

Of course, new bottles or products may be introduced in the future, so LPS training and installation will include the proper techniques for setting up these times on the control panel. And if a refresher course is needed in the future, technicians are always only a phone call away to walk the packager through the steps.

Recipe screens are one of many ways that LPS attempts to design packaging equipment that is both efficient and user-friendly. To learn more about any of the LPS equipment, simply browse the website or call the LPS offices to speak with a Packaging Specialist.