Top Five Projected Packaging Machines for 2014

Top Five Projected Packaging Machines for 2014

While we manufacture a wide variety of packaging equipment, there always seem to be a few recurring machines.  This can be due to demand or growth in a certain industry, the birth of a new industry or any other number of factors.  Below are the top five packaging machines we we expect to produce many times over in 2014 and a brief explanation of the origin of that expectation.

1.  Gravity Filling Machines

We expect an upswing in the production of gravity fillers based on one booming industry, craft distillers.  This machine works well with distilled spirits and can be manufactured as a tabletop machine, semi-automatic equipment or as a component of a completely automated inline filling machine.  As many craft distillers will start smaller and grow as they gain notoriety, the economical gravity filler provides a great solution for these companies. 

2.  Bartop Corkers

These capping machines will become more popular in 2014 for the same reason as the upswing of gravity fillers.  Distillers often use T-corks or other plug type closures to seal their product. Bartop corkers provide a simple machine to cap one or multiple bottles at a time.  The increase in new and expanding distilleries across the United States will be responsible for our own increase in the production of bartop corkers.

3.  Overflow Filling Machines

While a distillery may use an overflow filler, these machines will remain popular in 2014 simply because of their unique characteristics.  Overflow fillers can run a wide range of thin to medium viscosity products.  When these products run through the overflow nozzles, the result is a container that is filled to the same level, each and every time, regardless of small variations in the interior volume of different bottles.  These liquid fillers, therefore, create a pleasing shelf appearance, especially for products sold in clear containers.

4.  Spindle Capping Machines

Spindle capping machines, like overflow fillers, can work on a variety of different projects.  Spindle cappers can handle almost any type of screw on cap, and there are many different kinds.  From flat screw on caps found on bottle water to sports caps on energy and sports drinks to flip top caps and even trigger sprayers, the spindle capper can be manufactured to handle them all.  Given that so many different products use screw on caps, it is no surprise that the spindle capper remains a popular choice.

5.  Power Conveyors

While not every machine manufactured will be automated, many of them will and each and every automatic machine or line will require power conveyors to move bottles from one station to the next.  Power conveyors can be manufactured in different widths and lengths, as well as different styles, but the fact that some type of conveyor will be in use on any automatic system will keep these packaging machines on the popular list for years to come.

For questions on any of our 2014 top packaging machines or any of the equipment we manufacture, simply call our offices to speak with a Packaging Specialist.