Tune in to Live Demos During PACK EXPO Connects!

PACK EXPO Connects, the virtual tradeshow to be held this November 9th through the 13th, includes live demos of machinery from different manufactures and packaging industry companies. Liquid Packaging Solutions will be holding live demos of two popular pieces of equipment during the week of the virtual event. These demos will take place Monday through Thursday at 12:15 PM Central Time. To join us for the live demos simply register for PACK EXPO Connects and join us at 12:15 on the designated date! The LPS showroom for the PACK EXPO show is also live now for anyone to visit!

On Monday November 9th and Wednesday November 11th, LPS will go live to let attendees see an automatic overflow filler in action. The overflow filler is ideal for thin products and products that foam. Special nozzles dive into bottles and create a seal. As product reaches a pre-specified level in the bottle, the liquid will "overflow" back into a holding tank, allowing each and every bottle run through the machine to be filled to the same level. For packagers using a clear container, the level line from bottle to bottle also boosts the aesthetics of the product when it reaches the shelf!

On Tuesday November 10th and Thursday November 12th, the focus will turn to the Automatic Spindle Capping Machine. Spindle cappers tighten screw on type closures to a variety of different bottles. Screw-on caps may be simple flat caps or threaded sports caps, trigger sprayers, pumps or more. As containers travel down a power conveyor, a cap delivery system places one cap on each bottle. The bottle and cap combination then travel through sets of matched spinning disks that consistently and reliably tighten the caps.

By signing up and attending the live demo, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions as the demo takes place. Live chat will also be available during the entire week of the tradeshow to allow packagers to chat one-on-one with LPS Packaging Specialists. Of course, the overflow filler and spindle capper are only two of many different filling and capping products manufactured by LPS. Examples of many other packaging machines can be found on the LPS website at