Uniframe Packaging System

Many entrepreneurs looking to break into the bottled water, sports drink or other beverage market, start in a local or regional area.  For start-up companies, or bottlers looking to break into a new market, an automatic, in-line packaging system may not be the most efficient or cost effective path to take!  As an alternative, Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. offers a Uniframe Packaging System for short runs and/or new products!

The Uniframe Packaging System allows for the incorporation of many different packaging phases on a single frame.  A Uniframe Packaging System may include a rinser and a filler, as seen in the photo accompanying this article.  However, the Uniframe Packaging System may include a capping machine, labeling machine, induction sealer or any other combination of packaging machines to meet your individual packaging needs, all on the same frame!

For bottled water, local regulations or ordinances may require bottle rinsing prior to the filling phase of the packaging system.  A Uniframe Packaging System can incorporate a manual or semi-automatic wet rinser with a semi-automatic overflow filler and a handheld chuck capper, creating a rinse, fill, cap system with a small footprint and a production rate to meet the demands of small market bottlers!

Perhaps labeling is important for a new sports drink or energy product.  The wet rinser may be swapped for a labeler, in order to create a fill, cap and label system with the same benefits!  In general, the Uniframe Packaging Systems allows you, the packager of the product, to select the packaging options that fit your individual needs!  If you are looking at breaking into a regional market, starting a new product, or have many short-run products in your packaging production, call Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. today to discuss the Uniframe Packaging System!