Upgradeable Packaging Machinery Helps Plan for the Future

Upgradeable Packaging Machinery Helps Plan for the Future

While almost every business owner that purchases packaging equipment would expect and welcome growth, not nearly as many would be excited at the prospect of having to buy new packaging equipment every time demand increases.  By manufacturing equipment that anticipates future growth, the life of the packaging machinery can be extended while saving a few dollars for the packager.

While high growth in the demand for a product will eventually push almost any machine to a maximum, the key is to extend that maximum as much as is feasible while keeping economics in mind.  In other words, balance the anticipated growth with cash flow and available capital and the packager may actually save money on equipment in the future.  

As an example, a filling machine can be manufactured in many different ways.  But whether built as tabletop equipment or as fully automatic liquid fillers, there are several ways to incorporate the ability to grow into a machine.  With liquid fillers, the first option is to include on the equipment the number of heads necessary to meet current production demands.  However, the fill bar and the product manifold would be fabricated to accommodate additional heads in the future.  So a four head filling machine could nearly double production by simply adding four additional heads, saving both time and money by not requiring the purchase of another, or a different, piece of equipment.

In addition, some facilities may meet current production demands with a semi-automatic filling machine, requiring the operator to place bottles under the nozzles and remove them once the fill cycle is complete.  If manufactured with the correct frame, these machines can be upgraded to run automatic production.  Normally, this would include the addition of an indexing system and a PLC (or a modified program if the PLC already existed).  

Many of the same concepts can be used on bottle cleaning machines as well, from inverting rinsers to bottle vacuums and washers.  Capping machines may be a little more difficult, but can also be built to accommodate additional product demand following growth. In the end, finding different ways to handle future growth through custom designs for individual customers, regardless of the type of packaging equipment being used, is the best way to extend the useful life of the machinery and help our customers focus on their business instead of ours.