Video - Manual Wet Rinser

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Model 245-050

To see a clip of the operation of the manual wet rinser, click on the link below.

Item description:

Description - Bottle Wet Rinser

This easy to operate manual bottle rinser is ideal for lower production facilities where rinsing is necessary to remove loose debris and dust containers prior to filling.

Key Features - Bottle Wet Rinser

  • Easy operation - hand place bottles upside down over rinse nozzles which sit down inside a stainless steel splash basin, step on foot switch
  • Electronic timer actuates clear water rinse cycle for operator

    set amount of time

  • Containers are rinsed with customer supplied rinse media
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Unit can be bolted to existing conveyor system
  • Includes pump, manifold, foot switch, rinse product control valve and drainage basin

Available Options - Bottle Wet Rinser

  • Portable Frame