View LPS Packaging Machinery On YouTube

Packaging machines perform a vast array of functions, from moving containers to filling bottles with liquid, sealing those bottles and much more. Though the benefits of packaging machinery can be discussed over and over again, the best way to understand those benefits, and how the machinery works, is to see the equipment in action! For this reason, LPS created a YouTube channel to allow packagers to see a variety of machinery at work, whether on the actual production floor or through testing at the LPS plant.

Packagers can view all of the videos posted by Liquid Packaging Solutions on the LPS YouTube Channel. These videos show variations of the main machinery manufactured at the LaPorte, Indiana plant, including bottle rinsers, filling machines and capping equipment. However, the videos also allow packagers to see some of the complete solutions provided by LPS, as well as custom machinery for those unique projects.

Semi-automatic and automatic bottle rinsers can be seen on the channel, in both air and wet rinse models. These machines typically invert containers over a rinse basin, with the inverting done either manually or by using a clamp on the automatic equipment. In addition, bottle vacuum videos show how bottles are cleaned when inverting may not be an option. Liquid fillers for both free-flowing and viscous products are also displayed on the channel, from overflow and gravity fillers to piston and pump filling machines. Molten fillers, net weight fillers, tabletop filling machines and other available options can also be seen in action.

Capping machines shown on the YouTube channel cover almost every closure available. Spindle and chuck capping machines can be seen tightening threaded caps on to a range of bottle types. Corking equipment, popular in the distilled spirits industry, are used on packaging lines to place and secure T-corks and similar closure types. ROPP cappers and snap capping machines can also be seen in action, with all capping machines available in automatic and semi-automatic models as well.

In addition to these main pieces of equipment, the videos show turntables, power conveyor systems and other complementary machinery manufactured by LPS. For example, capping machine videos allow a packager to see the automatic cap delivery system that allows the machine to cap or seal product without constant operator interaction. Nitrogen purge systems can also be seen in action, removing detrimental oxygen from the headspace of a container before the seal, allowing for an extended shelf life on some products.

Even with a wide range of machines available to view on the LPS channel, not every machine is posted. At LPS, each machine or packaging line manufactured is built to match the needs of the individual packager. For unique projects that require custom solutions, or to request more information or video of a specific machine, contact a Packaging Specialist at LPS today.