Winter Wonderland Will Close LPS on Wednesday January 30th

After a pretty mild winter to start things off this year, we are seemingly being repaid as we leave January and head in to the second month of the year. As I'm sure everyone in our area is already aware, Wednesday, January 30th, is set to break some weather records. As of now, the HIGH temperature for the day is predicted to be negative fifteen. Yes, that is the HIGH temperature! Wind chills are predicted to be in the negative 40 to negative 50 range, with high gusting winds. Though we remain busy on the production floor, we are following the lead of many businesses in the area and closing our doors on Wednesday! We apologize for any inconvience this may cause, and for those of you in warmer climates, we are more jealous than normal!

While there is a chance for some lingering lake effect snow after Wednesday's frosty air comes through, LPS currently plans to re-open on Thursday, January 31st, as the high temperature is predicted to be all the way back up to zero after Wednesday. So once the stainless steel used for the fillers, cappers and other equipment is warm enough that hands won't get stuck assembling machinery, and the welding station is not used as a warming station, it's back to work!

LPS will be in the offices tomorrow, so if there is any urgent need for parts, machinery or service, please give us a call on Tuesday, toll-free, at 1-888-393-3693! The general mailbox will be available on Tuesday as well for anyone that needs to leave a message, or shoot an email to as email will be checked occasionally on Wednesday. To those packagers in our area, stay warm, stay inside if possible and, well, weather the storm!