BOTTLED WATER - Tabletop Packaging System

Many Bottled Water packagers will start their journey by producing for a local or regional area, or doing what has come to be known as private labeling.  For low to medium production demands, Liquid Packaging Solutions offers a tabletop packaging system for packagers of Bottled Water.  While many different pieces of equipment can be manufactured in a tabletop format, the typical tabletop system for the Bottled Water Industry will consist of:

Other equipment, such as rinsing machines and coding equipment, can be added to the tabletop system if a specific need arises for any given project.  However, the fill, cap and label combination will normally increase efficiency while allowing production demands to be met.

Liquid Packaging Solutions does not manufacture labeling equipment.  However, LPS can recommend a manufacturer of labeling equipment based on your bottles, labels and other project components to integrate with other LPS machinery to form a complete packaging system.

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