2016 ADI Spirits Conference & Vendor Expo Twenty Days Away

The 2016 American Distilling Institute's Spirits Conference & Vendor Expo begins April 4th this year in San Diego, California. Once again, Liquid Packaging Solutions will take part in the Expo portion of the ADI event, held at the Town & Country Resort in San Diego. LPS will set up in Booth 717 and along with displaying a popular filling machine for distillers, LPS Packaging Specialists will be on hand to answer questions regarding all packaging needs from filling and capping to container cleaning, labeling and any other equipment necessary for preparing craft spirits for the shelf!

For new distillers, LPS offers packaging machinery for small to large production needs. From tabletop systems to fill and cap bottles to completely automated systems that clean, fill, cork, label and pack bottles, each machine and system is custom designed to the unique needs of the individual distiller. In addition to manufacturing packaging machinery, LPS also offers services ranging from design and integration to installation and training on the equipment. Our staff also includes a department strictly handling replacement parts and service to better serve distillers once the equipment is in place and producing packaged bottles. By offering both manufacturing and service, LPS strives to become more than a supplier of machinery, and more of a partner in bringing new andn great beverages to market. We encourage everyone attending this years Expo to stop by Booth 717 to introduce your own company and learn a little more about ours.

Of course, the Conference & Vendor Expo offers many other opportunities for distillers to gain knowledge about their own industry. Breakout sessions and workshops for distillers will include information on a wide range of subjects. Some of the sessions include discussions on permit registration and legal issues, a look at the state of the industry, packaging trends for the coming year and the do's and don't of marketing spirits. Workshops include spirit specific classes as well as OSHA and disillery design sessions. Whether a newdistiller or a veteran in the industry, the 2016 ADI Spirits Conference & Vendor Expo offers ample opportunity for distillers to meet new people in the industry and add to their own knowledge and experience in many different areas. For more on the Conference, visit the ADI website.

And while LPS is looking forward to the ADI event, we are of course available to distillers outside the conference as well! Our own website offers distillers the opportunity to learn about overflow fillers and gravity fillers, the two most popular bottle fillers in the industry. Distillers can also learn more about bottle rinsers and other container cleaning equipment, capping and corking options and labeling and coding machines, all of which are used extensively in the industry. For questions that are not answered by our website, LPS Packaging Specialists are available by phone toll free at 1-888-393-3693 to assist distillers from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday, Central Time. LPS also welcomes distillers to call ahead of the conference and set up a time for a one-on-one meeting in San Diego to discuss individual needs and projects with our representatives.

We look forward to another great Expo in San Diego this year and hope to see some familiar faces along with many of those new to the industry!