2016 Trends in the Alcohol Industry

For several years now, a major trend in alcohol has been the emergence of a multitude of craft distillers, each putting their own unique twist on the industry. While we continue to see new distillers each month in 2016, it appears that there are new and related trends this year to add to the distillers of the past few. According to an article in Beverage World by Jeff Cioletti, the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago has identified three specific segments currently expanding across the alcohol industry.

Mimicking the craft distillers, artisanal bitters have been on the rise and are continuing to bring new and unique flavors to the industry. With all the different spices, seeds and other possible ingredients, bitters may be the area of the industry with the largest unexplored territory, and it will be interesting to see where this segment heads in the next few years.

Ready-to-drink products have also seen an increase in popularity recently. Some of the possible reasons noted for this increase are the ability to quickly serve and to avoid overpouring. The other benefit stems from a consistent taste for a mixed drink, rather than possible variances in taste based on how the drink is made or who is making it.

Finally, mead products seem to be making a move to both grow and offer distinctive products. Some new mead products are connecting with beer and cider drinkers. One company now provides a draft version of its mead products, while others offer different twists, such as a gluten-free beer-like mead.

With new products emerging and lots of unexplored space in these three segments and the industry as a whole, Liquid Packaging Solutions expects the alcohol industry to continue to be one that we enjoy serving heavily. The stories and the unique products and containers always keep the projects interesting from design to manufacture, install and service.

For the full article by Jeff Cioletti, visit Beverage World online or pick up a copy of the July 2016 issue!