Adding Nitrogen Purge To a Packaging Line

One benefit of almost all of the packaging machinery manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions is the fact that the equipment can be added to an already existing packaging line. Some bigger machines, such as liquid fillers and capping equipment, can roll up to a conveyor system, though they may also require the addition of a length of conveyor. Other equipment, such as the nitrogen purge system, can simply attach to the conveyor in the desired location.

Nitrogen purge systems can be used with a variety of products to help to extend shelf life, though the most popular items are food products. Typically, purging with nitrogen will be done in the headspace of bottles, jars or other containers to remove harmful oxygen. Oxygen has a detrimental effect on many products, causing them to break down over time, which is one reason so many products include expiration dates. Replacing the harmful oxygen with a tasteless, colorless, odorless nitrogen can extend the shelf life without affecting the color, texture or taste of a product!

In most cases, the nitrogen purge equipment will be placed on an inline system just before the capping or sealing equipment. Such a location helps to ensure that oxygen does not re-enter the head space in an unacceptable amount prior to the product being sealed. LPS has also manufactured custom equipment that included nitrogen purge equipment in an enclosed and/or unique packaging system. In addition, these LPS systems have been used successfully on both liquid and powder products.

While the conveyor mounted purge equipment is only one option, it is probably the most common for additions to existing inline packaging systems. Purge systems on frames, with multiple heads, enclosed and more are available to suit the project for which they will be built. In addition to protecting product and extending shelf life, nitrogen systems are available to make a container more rigid, though liquid nitrogen is typically used for such an application. To learn more about the system used for extending shelf life, visit the nitrogen purge section of the LPS website, or call the LPS offices to speak with a Packaging Specialist today.