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Jul '19

A Packaging Machine A Day - Nitrogen Purge

Today we will talk about a rather unique packaging machine that may not be found on all or even a majority of packaging lines. However, nitrogen purge... More


Jul '19

A Packaging Machine A Day - Spindle Capper

While different bottle closures will require different types of filling machines, the spindle capper handles a wide range of caps that screw on to bot... More


Jul '19

A Packaging Machine A Day - Overflow Filler

As we move in to the second half of 2019, LPS would like to re-introduce our most popular machinery to packagers both old and new. Over the next few w... More


Jul '19

Personalized Packaging Remains a Trend in 2019

As anyone in marketing can tell you, connecting with consumers can carry a product to new heights. This is especially true of industries where the com... More


Jun '19

LPS Holiday Hours - 2019 Fourth of July

The rain has stopped (for now) and somehow we are already approaching the 4th of July holiday in 2019! It's been an eventful first half of the year at... More


Jun '19

Tips For Finding the Ideal Packaging Machinery for Any Project

Choosing the correct packaging machinery for any project can be a daunting task, especially for new companies or packagers who have never worked with ... More


Jun '19

Future of Cannabis Packaging Likely to Grow After 11th State Legalizes Use

As those in the cannabis industry know, Illinois recently became the eleventh state to legalize cannabis for recreational use by adults. Though there ... More


Jun '19

Automatic Spindle Capper Operation

Automatic spindle cappers are a popular machine choice for sealing bottles with screw-on, continuous thread type closures. These closures may include ... More


Jun '19

The Unique Overflow Filling Machine

Many in the packaging industry are likely well aware of the different filling machines available. Fillnig by volume offers several different solutions... More


Jun '19

Packaging Personal Care Products - Questions Can Lead to Solutions

Personal care products are a broad category of items that can range from thin liquids to thick gels and pastes. From cosmetics to lotions and oils, sh... More