April Showers Bring May Parts Sales

In an effort to get our family of customers ready for the summer, Liquid Packaging Solutions will be offering a discount on selected wear and replacement parts for rinsing machines, liquid fillers and capping equipment. At LPS, as the temperature outside rises, so do the number of vacation days taken! Before the lazy days of summer hit and the work force is depleted, it's always a good idea that wear parts and important machine components are stocked and ready for quick replacement.

Almost all packaging machinery will contain wear parts, typically parts that come in contact with product, bottles or other equipment components. For instance, the disks on a spindle capper are used to tighten down screw-on type closures. These disks contact the cap while spinning to thread the caps on to the bottle. Over time, the constant contact will cause the disks to wear to the point that they will no longer be efficient or effective.

It is these parts that LPS recommends packagers keep on their own shelf for replacement when necessary. Wear parts and contact parts can shut down an entire process or even an entire line if spares are not immediately available. And when a packaging projects are custom designed to fit the needs of the specific product, bottle, cap or other component, certain parts may not be readily available. At LPS, we encourage packagers to take stock of their own spare parts in the Spring and Fall to ensure that no production time will be lost to ordering, fabricating or shipping of replacements. Which is why LPS also offers special pricing on these components each Spring and Fall as well!

Of course, if any component of a machine is failing on a regular basis, this could be a sign of a needed adjustment to the machine itself. For assistance or to order spare parts, the Parts and Service Department can be reached at LPS by calling toll-free at 1-888-393-3693 x 310. Packagers can also email to receive parts quotes or inquire about technical service.