Automatic Capping Machines

Automatic Capping Machines

Automatic Capping Machines manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. can handle flat caps, flip-top caps, screw caps, sports caps, snap caps and just about any other bottle cap you can think to throw at them!  LPS has been able to achieve this by designing and manufacturing different machines to handle different cap styles, though this does not mean a packager needs to purchase a different capper for every cap used.  To learn more about the different styles of capping machines, call LPS toll free at 1-888-393-3693, or keep reading for a brief description of some of the more popular automatic capping machines.


These capping machines use sets of discs to spin caps down onto bottles for a secure, consistent and reliable seal.  The spindle capper works with a wide range of caps and container sizes.  This bottle capping machine can also be manufactured with a snap belt or press on head to handle snap caps.  The versatility of the spindle capper makes it a good choice for contract packagers and other facilities that use a number of different caps and/or containers.


The chuck capping machine will use one or multiple chuck heads, which descend once the bottle and cap are in place to twist the cap onto the container to create a secure seal.  Automatic chuck capping machines, unlike the spindle cappers, will require an automatic indexing system to ensure that the bottles are correctly located for capping.  The automatic chuck capper is probably best suited for flat, screw caps, though it can handle a number of other cap types.


The automatic ROPP capper is probably best known in the wine industry.  This capping machine normally places an uncut aluminum cap onto the bottle and uses a capping head with special knives to thread the cap and container.  The Roll On Pilfer Proof (ROPP) cap also provides a tamper evident seal, allowing the customer to know that the bottle has remained sealed from the capping process to the consumer shelf.


Unique bottles and bottle caps can require a unique capping process.  At times, the capping principles will be combined, such as with the Spindle and Snap capping machines.  Other times, custom capping solutions will be necessary.  LPS will work with each individual customer to design the capping machine that will most efficiently and effectively complete their capping process.

Of course, Liquid Packaging Solutions also manufactures manual and semi-automatic cappers as well.  The manual and semi-automatic capping machines can increase the consistency and reliability of the capping phase of packaging for facilities with low to medium production, while in many cases speeding up the capping process as well.