Bottled Water Plants - Bottle Cleaners


There are numerous codes and standards set out for bottled water plants, one of the most notable of which is probably the IBWA's Bottled Water Code of Practice.

In addition, federal, state and local regulations may impose certain standards on bottled water plants. Bottle cleaners, both wet rinsers and bottle vacuums, can insure that your containers are clean prior to the filling, capping, labeling and other packaging phases of your packaging system.


Manual, semi-automatic and automatic wet rinsers are available from Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. The wet rinsers can be used with water to simply rinse the bottles or other rinse media can be incorporated to clean and rinse bottles. The manual wet rinser offers a simple and easy bottle rinsing method for smaller production facilities. The operator of the manual wet rinser simply places bottles on the rinsing nozzles, steps on a footswitch, and the bottles are rinsed for a set period of time. Bottles are then manually removed from the wet rinser and forwarded to the next packaging phase.

The automatic wet rinser is ideal for inline packaging systems with higher and faster production runs. Bottle grabbers hold the bottles while they are inverted over a rinse basin. Bottles are then rinsed, again with water or other cleaning or rinsing media. The automatic bottle wet rinser then returns the bottles to the conveyor for procession down the packaging system. Automatic bottle wet rinsers are available with up to sixteen rinse nozzles and have the option of an air knife system to quickly dry bottles in high speed packaging lines.

Semi-automatic bottle washers are also available for larger containers, such as three, four and five gallon bottles. The most common set up for a semi-automatic bottle washer is a four station machine, with a pre-rinse cycle, detergent cycle, sanitize cycle and a final rinse cycle.

Wet rinsers, like almost any machine manufactured at Liquid Packaging Solutions, can also be specially designed for custom projects. Feel free to call us toll free today at 1-888-393-3693 to discuss your packaging needs.


Bottle Vacuums, or Air Rinsers, can be used to remove debris from bottles prior to running the containers down a packaging line. The bottle vacuum uses an ionizing curtain transvector to create a de-ionizing air curtain under which the bottles pass. This curtain neutralizes any static charge on and in the bottles. The bottles then move under the dual action (blow/vacuum) cleaning nozzles, which dive into the containers. The blowing action of the nozzles begins during descent to dislodge foreign particulates, which are then sucked out by the vacuum system into an easily removable and cleanable waste reservoir. The air rinser, like the wet rinser, can be manufactured with up to sixteen vacuum nozzles.

Custom manufacturing is available! Again, remember to check local and state rules and regulations prior to planning your bottled water plant, and feel free to call us anytime to discuss your bottling needs!

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