Custom Packaging Solutions for Friday the 13th

Custom Packaging Solutions for Friday the 13th

What better day to talk about unique packaging machinery than the unique date of Friday the 13th with a full moon thrown in for good measure.  Just like the day today, every once in a while a packaging project emerges that will be rare in its application if not completely new.  As packaging trends change, so do package materials, shapes, sizes, closures and more, leading to R&D for complete lines or even for a single machine on a packaging system.  


In most cases, power conveyors will be manufactured using stainless steel for the frame, as the material is sturdy and holds up well in most environments.  However, there do exist products that will not interact well with stainless steel.  For products or environments where acids, bleaches or other harsh chemicals exist or are packaged, an alternative solution must be built.  That solution involves creating power conveyors using HDPE construction material.  The HDPE frame, many times combined with a special belt material, will ensure a productive and long lasting life for the custom conveyor system, even in the harsh conditions.


While arguably every filling machine is custom built to meet the needs of the products and containers being used in any specific project, there are a handful of filling principles that will be used more than any other, including overflow filling, gravity filling, pump and piston filling.  But from time to time a filling machine will be custom manufactured from the frame and plumbing to the entire product pathway and the nozzles used to dispense product into the container.  Often times molten products will require such design and manufacture, especially when the molten product will be placed into a unique container.  In these cases the pre-production work of drawing and designing the machine become even more important than normal in ensuring that the machinery will work as desired once in production.


Screw on type caps are one of the most popular types of cap used in the packaging industry.  These closures may take many different forms, from simple flat caps to trigger sprayers, flip tops and more.  As pouches have recently gained popularity with packagers in a range of industries, screw on caps have made the transition to sealing these type of containers.  The screw on cap will likely attach to a fitment on the pouch in order to create tightly seal the product into the pouch.  At LPS, a fitment cap combining machine was manufactured to assist in this process.  Other times, unique caps alone will require some packaging R&D to find an efficient and reliable manner of sealing the product in the container. 

While not as rare as a full moon on Friday the 13th (it will be another 30 plus years before this happens again!), custom packaging machinery for unique projects, packaging or other components is truly a treat for packaging machinery manufacturers.  These projects give LPS the opportunity let creativity flow while at the same time meeting customer demands, allowing for a productive session of R&D.  If you would like to discuss your own custom project with a Packaging Specialist, do not hesitate to contact our offices today!