Fall in Love (with Conveyors) This February

Fall in Love (with Conveyors) This February

As Valentine's Day 2013 nears, card sales soar, chocolate becomes even more popular and roses seem to grow near cash registers throughout the United States.  But what about giving your loved one something practical this Valentine's Day?  Power conveyors from Liquid Packaging Solutions can help move dishes from the dining room to the sink!  They can assist your hubby in moving the trash from the kitchen to the curb.  They can conveniently re-locate laundry nearer the washing machine.  Properly positioned, power conveyors could even help in moving groceries from the car to the house.  Ok, maybe not the best gift for Valentine's Day, but...

Power conveyors from LPS can assist in a variety of ways in setting up, updating or upgrading a packaging system.  For this reason, Liquid Packaging Solutions is proud to make February 2013 - Conveyor Month.  Starting February 1, 2013, LPS will offer special pricing not just on conveyor components and parts, but on all new conveyor orders placed throughout the month.  

Whether you are in need of low profile aluminum conveyors, stainless steel raised belt conveyors, an indexing conveyor, a cooling conveyor or any other type of power conveyor, order in February and receive a discount off of the normal everyday price by simply mentioning this post.  Keep in mind that different types of conveyors have different advantages and benefits.  Low profile conveyor systems are often used to squeeze into tight spaces or through different packaging machines.  Raised belt, stainless steel sanitary style conveyors can be used for quick clean-up following a product run.  In some situations, conveyor systems can be manufactured using only HDPE to allow for the transfer and packaging of acids, solvents and other products that may eat away at metals like aluminum and stainless steel.

Of course, some of us are already content in our relationships with our current conveyor systems.  We may not feel the need to go all out if we have settled into a routine with the power conveyors currently on our packaging floors.  If you are not in the market for a new conveyor or conveyor system, you can still stock up on spare parts and components for your existing system to ensure less downtime and re-energize those old conveyors.  Less downtime will put everyone in the right mood for Fall in Love with Conveyors Month!  February brings special pricing on conveyor belting, sprockets, guiderails, motors, clips and more.  Add efficiency by replacing wear parts that may be slowing down production.  Replace conveyor contact parts before bottles start to become marred or scratched.  Again, simply mention this post to receive special pricing on conveyor components.

Of course, if you are not sure which power conveyor would best suit your application or best complement your existing packaging line, you can view some standard power conveyor models on our website.  You can also contact our Sales or Parts Departments toll free at 1-888-393-3693 to speak with a packaging specialist.  Oh, and we suggest getting the chocolate and roses as well, just to be safe.