Filling Machine Nozzles

Nozzles for Liquid Fillers

Just as filling machines use different principles to move product from the supply tank to the containers, they can also use different filling nozzles to fill those containers.  Some liquid fillers, like overflow filling machines, will use a similar, specific type of nozzle for every project.  Other filling equipment, such as gravity fillers or piston fillers, may use a number of different nozzles to complete the filling project.

Nozzles for liquid fillers can be a fairly standard assembly, using an actuator, ball valve and nozzle tip to complete the job.  Some machines, however, are defined by the type of fill nozzle they use.  As mentioned above, overflow filling machines use the same type of nozzle for every filling project.  Not surprisingly, these nozzles are known as Overflow Fill Heads.  The overflow nozzle is unique in that it consists of two ports.  These nozzles create a seal over the opening of the bottle and then the first port opens to allow product into the bottle.  Once the product reaches a certain level in the bottle, it "overflows" through the return tank and back to the product supply tank.  So simply put, an overflow filler without overflow nozzles is, well, not an overflow filler.  

However, even overflow fill heads can be distinguished based on the products being run.  For example, food and beverage products may be run on an overflow filler, but the nozzles will be a sanitary type nozzle.  The material and connections used on the sanitary overflow nozzle will be different from those used on a standard overflow nozzle.  As you can see, choosing the correct fill heads for your packaging line project can be a bit tricky.

This process becomes even more tricky when you move outside the realm of the overflow filler.  Gravity fillers, pump fillers and even automatic piston filling machines can use a wide range of different fill heads that can include a great number of different options.   For example, these filling machines may or may not use a diving head assembly.  On some machines, the fill heads will remain in one position, stabilized by a fill bar on the packaging machine.  Depending on the product and/or package being used, these fill heads may need to be mounted on a fill bar that can dive into the bottle for a bottom up fill to avoid caverns in a thick product, to assist with a product that becomes foamy during a fill or any number of other reasons.  

Using a simple ball valve to open and close nozzles also allows the fill heads to make use of any number of different nozzle tips.  These tips may be stainless steel or plastic, round or flat, 1/4" or 1".  The product, package and production rate will help to identify the perfect fill head and nozzle tip for your given project.

Finally, custom projects often call for custom filling machines.  And custom filling machines often call for custom fill heads.  Liquid Packaging Solutions will design special fill heads for any given project to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the filling machine and the packaging line as a whole.  If you would like to learn more about the filling machines and other packaging equipment manufactured by LPS, contact a Packaging Specialist toll free today at 1-888-393-3693.