Filling Machine Options - Hazardous Location Construction

Filling Machine Options - Hazardous Location Construction

Each and every packaging project that uses a filling machine has its own unique traits and issues that must be taken into account by the manufacturer of the machinery.  A unique bottle may require modification of equipment. A thick product may need to be constantly agitated to accomplish a useful and consistent fill.  And some projects, due to the product itself or the environment, will require extra protection to guard against igniting the product or the fumes in the air, which could cause severe damage to persons or property.  These rare circumstances require hazardous location construction of the liquid filler.

Agricultural chemicals, certain solvent based items and other similar products are, in and of themselves, flammable.  Packaging these products on an automated system with moving parts can create the potential for sparks, arcs and other ignition events.  Flammable products will generally require special care to ensure that the electrical and electronic components of the packaging machinery will not inadvertently ignite product or product fumes.  

Sometimes the product itself may not be flammable, but the environment in which the product is packaged may be hazardous.  For example, a plant may do both processing and packaging in a single location.  If fumes linger in the air from the processing portion of the plant, the packaging machinery should still be built to protect against igniting these fumes.

Machinery built by Liquid Packaging Solutions for these hazardous products or environments will come standard with enclosures and connections that comply with NFPA Standards, Class I, Div I, Groups C & D.  In rare cases, additional safeguards may be taken and even more stringent NFPA standards may be followed.  Control panels may require remote access and other enclosures may become necessary.  As always, LPS will analyze each packaging project on a case by case basis to ensure optimal efficiency, but also complete safety operating the machine.

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