Football, Beverages and....Liquid Packaging Equipment?

The end of the football season is quickly approaching, culminating in one big Sunday of drinking, eating and, of course, watching the Big Game (or the commercials)! While no one - ok, almost no one - considers the Big Game Sunday a holiday, for certain producers and packagers, the bump in sales may make it seem like one. Not surprisingly, certain items become much more popular during that last week of the season, such as pizza, salsa and even, yes, alcohol! Packagers will work to set up displays and ship more product to consumers for one long weekend.

One thing probably not on most people's mind during that weekend, however, is packaging machinery. And yet the packaging machinery plays its own part in ensuring that everyone enjoys the Big Game whether you team is winning, losing or watching from home. Increased product demand means increased production time for the packaging machinery. Luckily, most liquid packaging machines are built to perform twenty-four, seven to meet even the toughest of challenges. An extra shift or partial shift may be added to the run-time of bottle rinsers, liquid fillers, capping machinery and other equipment to get the extra product to the shelf or display for the big weekend.

In addition, some companies may release their own special products for sports holiday, including team-themed products, special flavors or limited run items. This, too, may be accomplished with an extra shift or run on the main packaging line at a business. However, some packagers may choose to set up a second line or a semi-automatic line for such projects. A second line allows short run or special item products to be produced throughout the year for holidays and other special events while the main products continue uninterrupted throughout.

From conveying and transferring to filling, capping and labeling, packaging machinery helps businesses prepare for the everyday and those special ones as well. So while Liquid Packaging Solutions and other packaging machinery manufacturers won't be paying millions for an ad on February 3rd and won't be performing at any halftime shows (we hope), we will be able to watch the game knowing we played a small part in that we helped to make one Sunday in February enjoyable for millions of people! Unless of course, like us, you're near Chicago. We will have to wait for next year to enjoy it.


Wishing everyone a safe and happy end of the football season and....ummmmm...Big Game Sunday!