Friday Fun Facts From LPS

As the first month of 2020 nears an end, Liquid Packaging Solutions and other businesses are now moving full speed in to the new year! On this Friday, we have decided to share a few fun facts about our machinery that may not be well-known facts.

Bottle Vacuum Rinsing Machines

While most rinsing machines manufactured by LPS actually invert bottles prior to using air or liquid to clean the inside of the container, bottle vacuum rinsing machines do exist that remove the need to invert. Some containers, whether due to shape, size or other factors, are simply not conducive to inverting. Oddly shaped containers may simply tumble out of the clamp, especially leaving a mess when the containers are glass or other material that may shatter or break. Extremely large containers may be difficult to invert due to weight, or the process may simply become inefficient if only one or two containers can be inverted at a time. In these situations, a bottle vacuum can be an alternative solution. Bottle vacuums use a special nozzle that creates a seal over the bottle opening, then loosens debris with a blast of air before vacuuming that debris out of the bottle.

Gravity Fillers and Individually Timed Fill Heads

Gravity fillers, generally, hold product in a tank above the fill heads. When the fill heads open, the machine uses gravity to assist in the filling of the bottles. At LPS, gravity fillers are manufactured to allow for each fill head to be set to an individual time rather than setting one time for all of the nozzles to receive product. For machines with multiple heads, this simply allows for greater accuracy across all fill heads by ensuring the same volume of product reaches the containers, even if one nozzle may require a fraction of a second more to reach the desired volume.

Spindle Disk Color for Most Reliable and Consistent Seals

While most automatic spindle cappers will be seen with yellow spindle disks, and maybe a set of red disks as well, there are other colors available! However, the colors are not simply picked based on what looks good to LPS or the packager. Each color of spindle disk on the automatic capper represents a hardness, or durometer. The hardness of the disks will be chosen for each project by determining which spindle disks allow for a consistent seal without doing harm to the caps or bottles.

Do you have questions about LPS equipment or want to know more about how certain equipment works? Use the quick connect box on this page to send in comments or questions and we will do our best to answer through this forum or directly to the person inquiring.