Happy Easter from Liquid Packaging Solutions

All of us at Liquid Packaging Solutions would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Weekend as we get ready for Easter Sunday! As we head toward May the production floor at LPS is filled with full lines and individual machines for projects ranging from distilled spirits to pharmaceutical and chemicals.

Just as a quick reminder to those that are unfamiliar with LPS, our company produces a wide range of packaging equipment for liquids both thick and thin. Automatic packaging solutions start with bottle loading options that include turntables, laning conveyors, static bottle hoppers and custom solutions. LPS power conveyor systems are built to specifications that allow the smooth and efficient transfer of containers from one packaging station to the next.

Automatic container cleaning equipment is manufactured by LPS to remove contaminants from bottles prior to the introduction of product. Filling machines from LPS can handle free-flowing liquids or highly viscous products depending on the type of liquid filler used for any project. Automatic capping equipment is designed and manufactured based on the type of closure being used, from screw-on caps, to pumps, triggers, ROPP closures, corks and more.

In addition to automatic packaging equipment, LPS offers all of the machinery mentioned above, plus custom equipment, in semi-automatic designs for smaller producers of the same variety of liquids. Semi-automatic equipment will require more operator interaction than the automatic models, but also allow a cost-efficient and effective packaging system to be set up in a small area.

LPS also provides services to packagers before and after the manufacture of the machinery. Consulting, design and engineering help to ensure the best solutions are identified for any packaging project. While installation, training and service keep the machinery up and running for years to come! For more information on LPS machinery and the different options for rinsing, filling, capping and otherwise preparing product, browse the LPS website or contact a Packaging Specialist at 1-888-393-3693 today.