Happy Independence Day 2020 from LPS!

As we start the 3rd quarter of 2020 in what has been a rather unusual year, Liquid Packaging Solutions would like to take a second to thank all of the packagers that have put their trust in us this year and in years past. As we move in to the second half of the year, we wish everyone a safe and fun start this Independence Day! The last six months have been anything but easy for many of our packagers, and the challenges have ranged from condensing to expanding packaging processes to even completely changing products to meet the needs of people around the world!

As we move into July, Liquid Packaging Solutions remains busy building filling machines, capping machines, conveyor systems, container cleaning equipment and more. For LPS itself, the challenge has been continuing to meet the needs of our packagers while also ensuring the safety of our own family of employees in La Porte, Indiana. If anything, LPS as seen a shift in the types of products being produced, with an emphasis on cleaners, chemicals, hand sanitizer and the like. Foods and beverages have also remained popular, as there is simply no group of products more essential than those found in this industry.

With the slowly re-opening economy the pace of the production floor remains busy as more and more packagers return to work. Projects are currently extended into the third quarter for complete lines and many individual machines are in the works! For those planning to purchase, add, re-design or otherwise change their packaging systems, LPS encourages early contact to ensure that projects can meet the packager's time requirements! Even packagers looking to add equipment in 2021 can start the process now and find a spot on the production schedule in the coming year.

So while LPS hopes everyone stays safe and enjoys the coming Holiday Weekend, we also hope that the coming quarter remains productive and safe for our family of packagers and those venturing into new packaging projects! If LPS can be of assistance in the coming months, simply send a contact request using the forms on the website or call LPS Toll Free at 1-888-393-3693.