Increased Regulation and Opposition to Bottled Water Expansion Key Factors in Setting Up Bottled Water Plant

Now, more than ever, it is important to plan ahead in setting up or expanding your bottled water plant. Regulation of bottled water is again a topic of discussion in the industry, and will continue to be so in the foreseeable future.

In addition, both local groups and international groups are feeling pressure from outside sources to rein in the tapping of new water sources, while increasing recycling and conservation efforts.

If you are looking to start or expand a bottled water plant at this time, the factors to consider continue to grow. From water treatment to pallet wrappers, Liquid Packaging Solutions will assist in every aspect of setting up your bottled water plant to help you ensure success!

Tighter restrictions include not only testing water for chemicals and purity, but plant conditions and containers as well! Adding a bottle rinser to your packaging system can improve the container conditions prior to filling your bottles with water. Liquid Packaging Solutions offers several different types of rinsing machines to increase the cleanliness of your bottled water bottles. Both air rinsers and wet rinsers are available, in manual, semi-automatic and automatic packaging machine types.

Liquid filling machinery is also available from Liquid Packaging Solutions. A packaging system may consist of a number of different types of filling machines. An overflow filling machine will give each and every bottle a level, cosmetic fill! Tabletop filling machinery may be combined with a handheld chuck capper and/or a tabletop labeling machine to create a space-saving fill, cap, label packaging system. Different material types, such as aluminum and stainless steel, can be used on the filling machines for different applications.

Capping machines from LPS can help keep your product fresh and free from contaminants by offering a tight, clean seal on your bottled water. Spindle capping machines are ideal for high volume continuous capping, while a chuck capping machine may work better for low production facilities or contract packagers with a number of short runs and different cap styles. Other sealing machines are available for added protection against tampering, including induction sealers and neck banders.

Packaging your product can also help to assist in waste management and purity of product. Shrink wrap bundlers can create six packs, twelve packs and more. Case erectors, case packers and case tapers, along with pallet wrappers offer additional options to quickly and easy prepare bulk product for shipment!

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