Independence Day Special - Conveyor Systems Priced to Move


As we get ready to celebrate another Fourth of July holiday, Liquid Packaging Solutions would like to offer our faithful customers and new clients alike a special deal on our conveyor systems made right here in the USA!  This year, it looks like the weeks surrounding Independence Day are also going to coincide with some triple digit temperatures in the Midwest, so these conveyors may also offer a cool alternative to toting products, boxes or cases across the factory floor.

Conveyor systems can be considered the glue that hold together automated packaging systems.  Without automatic conveyors moving product from the rinsing machine to the liquid filler and on to the capping equipment and other machinery, each individual automatic packaging machine simply loses much of its worth.  But not only do conveyors support automatic packaging lines, they also add speed and efficiency to semi-automatic or manual packaging lines.  Power or non-power conveyors can both be used to transfer bottles from a manual rinsing station to a semi-automatic filling station within a packaging facility.  By using even a non-power conveyor, a packaging facility can remove the requirement of accumulating product after every stage of packaging for movement to the next stage.  Instead, for example, an employee can use a chuck capper to apply a container lid, then push the container down the conveyor to a packaging system.

Of course, conveyors not only come in different levels of automation, but also in different shapes, sizes and materials.  Straight line conveyor systems are ideal for facilities with automated systems and plenty of space.  Some conveyors may curve to allow for horseshoe type packaging systems or to move around necessary obstacles found on the production floor.  Other conveyor systems may take advantage of vertical space by creating several conveying tiers one on top of the other.  After viewing a layout of the packaging facility, LPS representatives are always ready to plan the perfect conveyor system for any production floor.

While a typical conveyor line height sits at 34" high, conveyors can be built at virtually any height necessary for a given packaging project.  Certain packaging lines will even require a container, product or package to raise or drop to various heights during the packaging process.  Changes in height or direction are usually easily accomplished with standard or custom guiderails for the specific bottles to be run. For some systems, transfer turntables may be used in lieu of curved conveyors to change the direction of the product itself. 

Finally, conveyors can be manufactured using aluminum, stainless steel or even HDPE where harsh chemicals are being processed.  The range of construction materials mean that Liquid Packaging Solutions' conveyors can handle virtually any product on the market - big, small, light, heavy, corrosive or not.  Low profile conveyors are normally constructed of aluminum while C-frame and sanitary type conveyor systems will usually be built with stainless steel.  For special projects, however, conveyors of any length and material can be manufactured to get the job done.

From now until July 13th, 2012, LPS is offering special pricing on all of our conveyors, from five foot low profile aluminum conveyors to complete stainless steel C-frame systems for a packaging line.  Call toll free at 1-888-393-3693 and ask for one of our Packaging Specialists to get more information on our 2012 Independence Day Conveyor Sales!