Liquid Fillers for Viscous Products

In the packaging world, different products create different challenges. From bottle size and shape to custom labels and packing to change-over for different container sizes, each product packaged has its own unique traits. In turn, each liquid filler created for a specific product also has its own unique traits. Product viscosity will always play a part in choosing the correct liquid filler for your specific goods and thick viscosity products can create a unique challenge. Liquid Packaging Solutions offers a wide range of pump fillers for thicker liquids and products with particulates.

A good choice for highly viscous products, such as peanut butter, is a filler with a progressive cavity pump. Simply put, in a progressive cavity pump filler, a rotor revolves inside a stator. The stator would be a twisted cavity with an oval-shaped cross section. The rotation of the rotor inside the stator pushes the product through the pump and to the filler. Filling machines with progressive cavity pumps may also be good for products with solids.

A liquid filler utilizing a peristaltic pump is also a good choice for thicker products. Another significant advantage of a peristaltic pump filler is that the product does not come into contact with the pump itself. A peristaltic pump generally uses rollers over plastic tubing to "move" product. A peristaltic pump type liquid filler is therefore sanitary and ideal for the food and medical industries.

Another pump option for a liquid filler is a gear pump. Generally speaking, the gears in a gear pump will separate on the intake side of the pump, allowing a void for product to enter. As the gears rotate to the discharge side, the gears mesh, pushing the product out into the liquid filler.

Again, each and every product run through a liquid filler is unique. Each and every product filled has it's own solution. The pumps listed above are a few examples of pumps that can be used to fill highly viscous products. For more information on the different types of pumps available, click below:

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