LPS Prepares For 2015 ADI Spirits Conference and Vendor Expo in Louisville

The Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky will host the American Distilling Institute's Craft Spirits Conference & Vendor Expo from March 30 to April 2, 2015. Liquid Packaging Solutions will be in attendance this year to both support those distillers we have worked with in previous years and meet the newest member of this still booming industry.

Keep an eye on the website as we get closer to the Expo for more details on the show and on Liquid Packaging Solutions participation! Over the past few years, our family of packagers has grown to include a large number of distillers, across the country and even outside of the United States. From complete, automatic packaging systems to simple tabletop filling machines, LPS is proud to be an integral part of this industry by supplying the equipment necessary to bottle, cap, label and other package some great products.

While final plans are not yet set in stone, LPS will have packaging equipment on display in Louisville, as well representatives to answer any questions regarding machinery or specific packaging projects. As a quick overview, the below list is an assembly of a few of the more popular packaging machines in the Distilled Spirits Industry.

Automatic Filling Machine

Automatic liquid fillers for distilled spirits will normally be a part of a complete packaging system, which will also include a power conveyor system and some of the other equipment listed below. Typically, filling machines for distilled spirits will take the form of either a gravity filler or an overflow filling machine, though other principles may be used. The machines are designed to fill anywhere from two to sixteen bottles per cycle. Machines with fewer than sixteen heads can normally be upgraded easily by simply adding additional nozzles, allowing the equipment the ability to grow with the distillers own production demands.

Tabletop Filling Machine

Tabletop filling machines use the same filling principles as the automatic machinery, and again gravity fillers and overflow fillers will dominate the industry. These machines are ideal for companies with lower production demands, less space or those just starting up. Just like automatic machines, a one or two head filler can be upgraded with the simple addition of nozzles, though most tabletop fillers will not use more than six heads.

Bartop Corker

Bartop corking machines are used to press corks, T-corks and other plug type closures into the bottle or other container. These machines may be manufactured as semi-automatic stand alone capping machines or they may be used as part of a complete turnkey packaging solution. Obviously, not everyone in the industry uses a cork type closure, and from time to time a chuck capping machine, spindle capper or custom capping machine may also be used for a distilled spirits project.

Capsule Spinner

Capsules are generally a sleeve that covers the top of the bottle. These sleeves are often used with cork type closures to protect the product and cork, as well as to provide tamper evidence, decoration and brand awareness. The capsule spinner can be manufactured to place capsules on the individual bottles and then spin them tightly into place. These machines can also be manufactured to work in a semi-automatic manner, which would require an operator to place capsules on each bottle before entering the spinner.

Wrap Labeling Machine

The label on any product gives the packager the opportunity to connect with potential customers and introduce their unique product to the market. This is no different with distilled spirits and many distillers choose to use a wrap label along with the capsule to present their product. A wrap label, as one could probably guess, wraps around a bottle and labeling machines may work automatically on a packaging line or stand alone on work from a tabletop. In addition to the popular wrap label, machines are available to apply labels in a front and back manner, panel wrap or even in a custom manner for unique containers.

Of course, every project will be unique in its own way, whether due to the product, container, closures or any other component. While these machines are common, there are many other packaging machines that may be used for preparing distilled spirits for the shelf.

Keep an eye on our website for more information on the upcoming Expo and if you will be attending and would like to set up a time to meet with LPS, give us a call toll-free at 1-888-393-3693.