Manufacturing, Installation and Service

Installation of a packaging system is normally a part of every packaging system manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions. But did you know that in certain circumstances, LPS will also install and/or service other packaging systems or packaging machinery?

LPS sent installers across the country in 2008, both installing new machinery and updating or servicing existing packaging systems, some in use for more than a decade! The LPS production and installation team at LPS have years of experience manufacturing, installing and servicing all types of packaging machinery, with some of the most popular machines listed below:

Filling Machinery

Different products require different types of filling machines. The type of filler used may depend on the product viscosity, the size of the container, the amount of production to be run on the filler or a combination of these and numerous other factors. Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. has manufactured, installed and serviced a number of filling machines since the company opened in 2006. These filling machines may be stand alone machines or they may be part of a larger packaging system; they may be automatic filling machines or manual tabletop fillers. Lead installer, Jerrod Stout, has installed and serviced overflow filling machines, gravity filling machines, piston fillers, pump fillers, five gallon filling machines and more, just in 2008 alone! If you have questions about your filling machine, need help with set up or just want to fine tune the filler for the New Year, do not hesitate to contact Liquid Packaging Solutions toll free at 1-888-393-3693.

Capping Machinery

Much like the filling machinery, capping machinery comes in a variety of different models, based on a variety of different factors! These factors may include cap type, cap size and/or production rate! From chuck cappers to spindle cappers to snap cappers, LPS has manufactured, installed and serviced a wide variety of cappers and capper accessories. For example, the LPS Spindle Capper may come equipped with either a cap elevator or a vibratory bowl to deliver caps to the capping machine. The capper itself is of little use if the caps cannot be consistently and correctly delivered to the container! If you are looking for a new capper, or would like to fine tune your existing capping machine, contact Liquid Packaging Solutions toll free at 1-888-393-3693 to discuss you options!

Turntables and Conveyors

Filling machinery, capping machinery, rinsers, labelers and every other piece of packaging machinery cannot perform to their full potential if the conveyor and turntable system is not able to deliver the containers in a timely manner! From aluminum conveyors to stainless steel to poly conveyors, LPS can manufacture and install a perfect delivery structure for your packaging system. If you are constrained by space limitations, curved conveyors or serpentine conveyors may be a valid option. Sanitary conveyors are the obvious choice for food and beverage packaging systems. Turntables may be a viable loading and accumulating option for lower production packaging systems. Whether you need a new conveyor and turntable system, or just some suggestions to improve your existing system, you can give us a call toll free at 1-888-393-3693!

Along with the packaging machinery mentioned above, LPS installers have worked with labelers, induction sealers, unscramblers and a number of other packaging machines. Whether machinery manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions or OEM machinery, LPS is committed to customer service, both in our plant and in the field! Please feel free to contact us to discuss new machinery or any questions or concerns you have with existing machinery!