Monoblock System Solutions

Many of the projects undertaken by Liquid Packaging Solutions will include automated, inline packaging systems. In other words, a conveyor will move bottles or containers down a power conveyor from one packaging machine to the next. However, in addition to semi-automatic equipment, LPS also offers alternatives to inline automation. One of these alternatives is a space-saving, starwheel based machine known as a monoblock system.

A monoblock packaging system removes the need for conveyors between the different packaging machines, such as liquid fillers, capping machines and other equipment. Instead, the system moves bottles around a starwheel, with the different machinery positioned at different points on the wheel. While the smaller footprint of the machine makes the monoblock system an ideal candidate for smaller containers, such as tubes, vials and the like, the machine can handle larger containers as well.

The equipment positioned around the starwheel will, obviously, vary from project to project based on the specific needs of the packager. Filling machines and capping equipment are probably the most commonly included machinery, but other equipment to handle tasks such as nitrogen purge, labeling and rinsing can be incorporated into monoblock systems. The monoblock will typically use servo motors, allowing the starwheel to accurately stop and start in the correct position for filling, sealing and otherwise preparing product.

Monoblock systems will use a PLC and simple touchscreen controls for quick and easy set up and changeover. While inline systems may also only need a single operator, the condensed footprint of the monoblock can make it easier for one operator to run the system. In many cases, both monoblock and inline packaging systems will work for a given project. An analysis of factors such as bottle shapes and sizes, space available, speed desired and other considerations will help to determine when one type of system may offer more benefits than the other.

To learn more about the features of the monoblock packaging system, browse the Monoblock page of the LPS website or call toll free at 1-888-393-3693 to speak with a Packaging Specialist today.