Nitorgen Purge - Typical and Custom Systems

Nitrogen purge systems can take on many different forms, depending on the use and the packaging line that it assists. For those unfamiliar with purging systems, these machines are normally used to remove oxygen from the headspace of containers to protect products against the detrimental effects of the oxygen. Removing the oxygen can extend the shelf life of the product without changing or altering the taste, texture or color of the product.

In most cases, the nitrogen purge system will be set up on the conveyor system to remove oxygen (or purge the headspace) after the bottles have been filled but just prior to the capping and sealing process. This typical setup ensures that not only is oxygen removed, but that by sealing almost immediately after the process no oxygen will return to the headspace.

With most packaging systems, a single purge head will sit over the conveyor belt. Sensors are used to activate the purge each time a bottle passes under the purging head. Thus, the normal nitrogen purge system works best with an inline packaging system using power conveyors to move bottles from the filler to the capper.

Of course, not everyone uses inline systems, automatic systems or typical setups. In fact, not all packagers even use purging systems to extend the shelf life. Liquid nitrogen injection can be used to strengthen brittle containers prior to moving bottles into the fill area.

In addition, modifications to the typical gas purge for headspace can also be made to accommodate custom projects. From semi-automatic custom machines to non-inline automatic systems, multiple purge heads or different indexing, nitrogen purge systems can be manufactured to work with just about any packaging line.

Of course, Liquid Packaging Solutions also manufactures the filling and capping machines that the purge systems often complement. To learn more about nitrogen purge options, or any of the packaging equipment manufactured by LPS, contact the offices today.