PACK EXPO 2018 Covers Many Industries

Liquid Packaging Solutions is back in the offices after a successful PACK EXPO International show in Chicago this past week. As always, the show brought a mix of packagers that we currently serve along with an abundance of new packagers across many different industries. Each year, PACK EXPO serves as a reminder of the vastly different liquids that are packaged around the world each day.

Over the course of the four day expo, LPS discussed projects that ranged from pharmaceuticals to beverages, foods ranging from ice cream to salsas, chemicals and reagents, household items, shampoo, soap, laundry detergent and much, much more! And just as the products varied, the projects did as well. LPS talked to customers about setting up a power conveyor system, about solutions for just filling or just capping and about new projects that would entail engineering and designing a complete packaging line. Like every other year, LPS anticipates working closely with the packagers on a number of these projects in the near future.

For those that missed the PACK EXPO show in Chicago, LPS representatives are back in Indiana and available to answer questions, talk through a new project or assist with technical issues. Just as a reminder, LPS manufactures a wide range of packaging equipment, including power conveyors, turntables, container cleaning equipment, filling and capping machines, nitrogen purge equipment and other custom machines. In addition, LPS offers packagers one stop shopping for equipment needs with our integration services, as well as other services such as installation, training and a fully stocked parts room.

At LPS, it is our hope that we will become more than just an equipment manufacturer for our packagers, but rather a business partner, helping to ensure that the packager's business continues to perform and produce to expectations and that product reaches the shelf efficiently and reliably. With the combination of consulting, engineering, manufacturing and after-sale services to go with decades of combined experience, we feel confident that we have, and will, continue to achieve that very goal!

For more information on Liquid Packaging Solutions and the equipment and services offered, browse the LPS website using the categories found on the left of the page. For more specific information, feel free to call the LPS offices toll-free at 1-888-393-3693, or if you are in the Chicagoland or Northwestern Indiana area, drop by for a visit!

Thank you again to everyone who shared in the 2018 PACK EXPO experience! We look forward to doing it all again in Las Vegas in 2019.