PACK EXPO Connects Product Spotlight - Automatic Overflow Filler

As we inch closer to the virtual PACK EXPO show this November, Liquid Packaging Solutions is preparing to meet and greet packagers new and old in the new virtual format. One component of the PACK EXPO Connects show, held November 9th through the 13th this year, is the ability of attendees to tune in to live demonstrations of packaging equipment. LPS will provide live demos for two different pieces of equipment, the automatic overflow filler and the automatic spindle capping machine. To attend the live demo, simply sign up for the PACK EXPO show, then visit the LPS showroom to add the demo to your agenda!

Attendees will have two opportunities to join LPS for a demonstration of the automatic overflow filler. On Monday, November 9th and Wednesday, November 11th at 12:15 PM Central Time, LPS Packaging Specialists will discuss the overflow filler in detail and give those in attendance an opportunity to see the machine and ask questions about controls, speed, nozzles or any other aspect of the liquid filler. The spindle capper live demos will take place on Tuesday, November 10th and Thursday, November 11th.

The overflow filling machine provides a unique fill principle in that the machine allows bottles to be filled to the same level in each bottle. This is different from the volumetric fills of piston or gravity filling machines in that interior volumes of bottles may vary ever so slightly when achieving the level fill. This type of fill can benefit those filling in glass or clear plastic containers in that the straight line created on the shelf can add appeal to the product.

The overflow fill nozzle dives into the bottle and creates a seal over the bottle opening. As product reaches the desired level, liquid returns to the holding tank via an overflow port in the nozzle. This process also makes the overflow filler good for products that can foam a bit when agitated. As product flows into the bottle, the liquid pushes the foam out of the bottle through the return port, allowing a level liquid fill minus the foam that may settle.

While the overflow filling machine is one of the most popular filling machines manufactured by LPS, this machine will not be ideal for every filling project. LPS also manufactures gravity filling machines, piston fillers, pump fillers and custom filling equipment. To see a sampling of the filling equipment manufactured by LPS, visit the LPS Filling Machinery page!