Packaging Machinery 2021: Popular Rinsing Equipment

Container cleaning equipment can be used for a number of different tasks on a packaging line. At Liquid Packaging Solutions, rinsing machinery makes up the most popular category of cleaning equipment. Each year, air rinsers, wet rinsers and even bottle vacuums are manufactured to help remove dust and debris from containers and protect against product contamination when necessary. As 2021 begins, LPS expects the rinsing machines to remain a constant throughout the year for many different industries.

For packagers and products with smaller demand, semi-automatic rinsing machines can be an ideal solution to ensure clean bottles are filled with product. Semi-automatic machinery allows an operator to place multiple bottles on rinsing nozzles before activating the rinse cycle by stepping on a footswitch or pressing a finger switch. Once the rinse is complete, the operator will remove the cleaned bottles and typically move them to the filling station.

Packagers with higher demand may not have the necessary time to have an operator interact with the containers or bottles on every cycle. Automatic inverting rinsing machines, typically a part of a complete packaging system, allow bottles to be indexed into a rinsing area while traveling down a power conveyor. Once in the rinse area, bottles will be clamped and inverted over a rinse basin. Once rinsed, bottles are returned to the power conveyor and automatically move to the next packaging task, which will normally be the fill.

Automatic bottle vacuums are also available when inverting bottles would be inefficient or even impossible. Unique shapes, large or heavy bottles, or even small containers may make inverting tough. Bottle vacuums allow containers to stay on the conveyor during the rinse, using special rinse nozzles that seal over the container opener and use air to loosen and vacuum debris out of the bottle.

While the bottle vacuum is limited to an air rinse, both semi-automatic and automatic rinsing machines may use air, water, product or other cleaning solution to remove debris. The type of media used for the rinse will depend on the project at hand and the desire of the packager. Due to the limited waste created by air rinsing, these machines have gained popularity in recent years, and the same is expected in 2021 as the packaging industry continues to focus on sustainability and reduced waste.

To learn more about container cleaning and bottle rinsers, browse the Container Cleaning section of the LPS website or contact a Packaging Specialist at LPS today.