Packaging Systems - End of the Line Equipment for Packing & Prep

Now that products have been rinsed, filled, capped and labeled, the time has come to get them to the shelf! There are many different ways that product can be prepared for shipping. While some of those ways will have to do with efficiency and demand, some are simply the desire of the packager and the process at hand.

Many products will be placed on the shelf as single items. However, these type of products will normally still be packed into cases to make shipping easier and more efficient. Equipment such as case erectors, case packers and even taping machines can make this preparation much easier for the packager. These types of machines can be set up to function automatically, only requiring the delivery of bulk cases, or tape, or they can be built to work in a semi-automatic fashion, which would require more hands on assistance from the operator. For example, a semi-automatic case taper may still require the operator to fold case flaps before manually pushing it through the taping machine. Like all of the other packaging machinery discussed over the past couple weeks, the packing equipment will be matched to the product and process at hand, to meet the required production demand.

Other products may be sold in packs of six, twelve or more. For example, bottled water is often sold not only individually, but also in larger 24 packs. Shrink wrappers, or bundlers, can be used on an automatic packaging line to create these multi-packs using trays or simply bundling a number of products together. Typically, the products will be collated and the shrink wrap is applied around the collection, which then enters a heat tunnel, causing the wrap to shrink tightly around the bundle of products.

For some packagers, additional steps may also be automated to complete the packaging and preparation stages. For instance, a palletizer may be used to place cases or bundles on to a pallet in a certain pattern. Once full, a pallet wrapper may be used to secure multiple bundles or cases of product as well. At this point, whether individual products, cases, or pallets, the packaging process should be completed and products ready for the journey to the shelf!

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