Pallet Wrappers

Pallet wrappers, or stretch wrappers, can quickly and easily get bulk product ready for delivery and out the door!  Standard high-profile and low-profile pallet wrappers are available with a number of different features and options.  For large or heavy stacks, or odd shaped products, foam and ring wrappers as well as rotary arm stretch wrappers may do the trick!

Standard High-Profile and Low-Profile Pallet Wrappers

First, many may ask "what is the difference between a high-profile pallet wrapper and a low-profile pallet wrapper?"  The simple answer is that a high-profile pallet wrapper, with a square turntable usually 10-12" off the floor, is designed for packaging systems that will be loading and unloading the pallet wrapper with a fork truck.  Low-profile stretch wrappers, on the other hand, usually come equipped with a round turntable 3-4" off the ground for use with packaging systems that primarily load and unload with hand trucks or pallet jacks. 

Both the high-profile and low-profile pallet wrapping machines contain a number of options to suit your production needs.  Below are a few of these options.  To learn more about pallet wrappers, call us toll free at 1-888-393-3693

Manual v. Automatic Lift of the Carriage Guide

For low production facilities or facilities that wrap many different shapes and sizes on their pallets, a semi-automatic pallet wrapper may be the best choice.  These packaging machines allow the user to manually lift and guide the film carriage as the wrapping occurs. For more automation, stretch wrapping machines are available with automatic lift and automatic wrap features, and can include such added features as seperate top and bottom wrap selectors (to add additional wraps where needed!) and job memory to easily recall a certain wrap pattern.

Variable Speed Carriage Lift v. Fixed Speed Carriage Lift

If wrapping pallets that are very similar in nature (e.g. - one product, stacked the same way every time), a pallet wrapper with a fixed speed carriage lift may be the right machine for your packaging system.  The carriage moves up and down the pallet at the same speed throughout the wrap, delivering a symmetrical wrap.  Variable speed carriage lifts allow for a change in the speed for different wraps on different pallets.  Some pallets may need extra protection at the top or the bottom of the wrap.  A variable speed carriage lift can help to attain this added protection.

Pre-Stretch Systems

Many of the pallet wrappers available have the benefit of a pre-stretch system.  Pre-stretch refers to the stretching of the film before the wrap begins.  Pre-stretch is usually available from 50% up to 300%.  The benefit of a pre-stretch system is to get the most out of the film used with the pallet wrapper!  The pre-stretch system can save money over time simply by lowering the amount you must spend on film!

Automatic Cut

Another time saving feature on many of the stretch wrappers is an automatic cut at the end of a wrap cycle.  Once the wrap is complete, the machine will automatically cut and wipe the film and lay it on the load, thus eliminating the need for someone to finish the load at the end of the cycle. 

Pallet wrappers can be as simple as a turntable near a loading dock or as complex as an inline machine that will wrap many different loads at the push of a button.  The features listed above and many others can be custom fit to the application in use.  For more information on pallet wrappers, as well as the ring wrappers and rotary arm wrappers mentioned above, simple click on the link below:

Or call us toll free at 1-888-393-3693 to discuss your packaging system needs!