Product Spotlight - Automatic Wet Rinser

Packaging Machinery Product Spotlight - Inverting Wet Rinser

Container cleaning equipment offers a number of different options for removing dust and debris from bottles prior to running the bottles through liquid fillers, capping machines, labelers and other packaging equipment. Bottle rinsers and other cleaning equipment are used to protect the integrity and purity of the product by avoiding contamination.  One of the more popular rinsing machines is the automatic inverting wet rinser.  

The wet rinser indexes bottles into the rinse area based on the number of rinse heads on the machine. Once the correct number of bottles are in place, the rinsing machine uses bottle grippers to secure the containers and invert them over a rinse basin.  Jets of water or other rinse media, such as a sanitizer, are then sprayed into each bottle to remove the dust and other contaminants.  The rinse media is released to the rinse basin and the bottles are returned to the belt conveyor system.  The machine will typically be manufactured with anywhere from two to sixteen rinse heads and is capable of being upgraded to the maximum number of rinse heads at a later date if a customers production levels  currently require less than the max.  

The bottle grippers on this container cleaning machine use soft pad grippers as the standard.  While other options are available, the soft pad bottle grippers will generally allow the rinsing machine to handle both glass and plastic bottles of varying shapes and sizes.  In addition, the wet rinser can be manufactured with an extended frame for larger, or wider, containers, making the machine a versatile piece of container cleaning equipment. 

The PLC controls and operator interface used on the automatic wet rinser allow the operator of the machine to use a touchscreen to set most of the key functions of the rinser, such as rinse and index times.  These simple controls combined with quick and easy adjustments for different size containers make both set up and changeover of containers an efficient process. 

While the automatic wet rinser will allow bottles to be cleaned continuously on an inline packaging system, rinsing machines are also available in manual and semi-automatic models as well.  For those products and facilities that prefer to use an air based rinsing machine, both an inverting air rinser and a bottle vacuum are also available.  

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