Product Spotlight - Nitrogen Purge System


Nitrogen Purge Systems can be used for a variety of reasons in the packaging industry, from preserving freshness to strengthening containers to providing a sterile environment.  Nitrogen Purge Systems from Liquid Packaging Solutions can be manufactured for integration with a new packaging system, with a portable frame to roll up to an existing packaging line or they can come equipped with a conveyor mounting package for existing systems.

In general, a nitrogen purge system replaces oxygen inside of a container prior to filling or capping the container.  Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless gas that is less reactive than oxygen with foods, beverages and other packaged products.  As an example, we will consider a flavored beverage and run through the possible uses for a nitrogen purge system with this beverage.

On an automated packaging system, the nitrogen purge system may be found just before the beverage bottles move into the liquid filler.  If the beverage is being packaged in a plastic bottle, purging with nitrogen prior to the filling process can actually strengthen the container.  This is normally done with liquid nitrogen which is released into the container, transforms into a gaseous state and expands.  The removal of oxygen combined with the expansion and pressurization of the container changes the atmosphere inside the container and can actually work to strengthen many types of bottles.

More often, a nitrogen purge system will use nitrogen gas right after running the beverage through the filling machine or just prior to sealing the beverage bottle using a spindle capper or chuck capping machine.  This type of purge removes the remaining oxygen from the headspace of the bottle, replacing it with nitrogen gas.  The colorless, odorless nitrogen will not have the detrimental effects on most products that would have been found with the oxygen in the headspace.  Oxygen, in general, is more reactive with foods, beverages and other products as it is more likely to carry moisture and allow for decay, bacteria or other breakdowns.  The result of replacing oxygen with nitrogen is an increased shelf life while maintaining the flavor, aroma and texture of the product.

The nitrogen purge system can be manufactured with one purge head or multiple purging nozzles to keep pace with almost any packaging line speed.  Nitrogen purge machines allow for easy height adjustments and control of purge times which allow the systems to be used with a wide range of container types and sizes.  For more information on the nitrogen purge system, or any of the other packaging equipment offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc., contact a Packaging Specialist today at 1-888-393-3693.