Product Spotlight - Stainless Steel Turntables

Product Spotlight - Stainless Steel Turntables

Turntables can play a major roll in just about any packaging system, be it a fully automated, a partially automated or a labor driven packaging line.  Not only do turntables allow for quick and easy loading onto a packaging system at the beginning of the line, they can also serve as an accumulating table anywhere along the automatic packaging system or at the end of the line.  

Loading turntables use an adjustable bottle guide superstructure that allow a number of different size containers to be run on the same turntable.  Of course the turntable can be manufactured with various size stainless steel tops for smaller or larger bottles as well.  The bottle guide simply moves containers to the outside of the turntable disc, eventually leaving the disc to move down the belt conveyor system through liquid fillers, capping machines, labeling equipment and other packaging machinery.  Stainless steel loading turntables use guide rails to stabilize and support bottles as they move around the table prior to reaching the power conveyor.  The speed of the conveyor is easily controlled with a simple dial, to speed up or slow down the introduction of bottles to the conveyor system.  Loading turntables can also be manufactured with a loading deadplate off one side of the turntable to allow for easy access to boxes, cartons and other bundles of containers. 

Accumulating turntables are very similar to loading turntables.  Accumulating turntables will not, however, include the bottle guide found on the loading turntable.  The accumulating turntable will allow for quick and easy speed changes, include bottle guiderails and can be manufactured with a variety of disc sizes for different container sizes.  Accumulation tables are normally used at the end of a packaging line to assist in the packing of product and the preparation for shipping.  These turntables simply allow filled, capped and labeled products to accumulate in one area.  Packing tables or a packing station may be used with an accumulating turntable along with one or several employees to quickly and efficiently box product for shipment.  

However, accumulation tables may be used at other locations on a packaging system.  For example, a smaller facility may use a filling machine to place product in bottles, but may cap the bottles manually.  In such a case, containers may move down an automatic conveyor through the filling machine to an accumulating turntable where employees would seal the bottles.  From there, bottles may even be placed back onto a belt conveyor system to move through an automatic labeler.  Accumulation tables can be used with liquid fillers, automatic capping machines, labeling equipment, container cleaning equipment and just about any other piece of packaging equipment.  

Accumulation turntables can add efficiency to both automated packaging lines as well as less than fully automatic packaging systems.  If you would like more information on any of the turntables manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc., contact a Packaging Specialist toll free today at 1-888-393-3693.